Masters of Sound

Engineering experts for over 22 years

The Studio

TempoTown is a professional recording studio located in Las Vegas, NV featuring the best tools from both Analogue and Digital worlds.

Music is our passion. We focus on making the best sound in an intimate environment to create and assist every musician to make phenomenal sound recordings.

Our Equipment

TempoTown is proud to provide quality equipment, backed by strong engineering know-how for any recording situation.  Whether your project requires modern digital, analog, or vintage, we’ve got you covered.  It is our goal to create a fulfilling and full-bodied recording experience for seasoned musicians, as well as beginners and amateur artists. 

Our Projects

We have helped artists, both professional and amateur, to create quality compositions for over 22 years. In fact, we are so proud of our work that we want you to listen to what we can do before you decide to schedule your time. Take a moment to listen to some of our work, we are certain that you will like what you hear. 

See Our Studio

When you go to a recording studio, you want to feel at home, and welcome in the space.  Take a look at our gallery to see what our studio has to offer!

Contact Us

TempoTown Studio is located at
3147 Nottingham Dr in Las Vegas, Nevada
and we are open 7 days a week!
Fill out the form on our contact page to book a time, or give us a call at (702) 743-6761.